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Have something important to say?

We ensure your audience hears it.

It's that simple.

Your Success Depends on Communicating
the Right Message the Right Way

CKB CONSULTANTS helps you create and deliver highly effective messages to your audience. We work with you to make the most of your communications opportunities with the news media, customers, investors, boards of directors and employees. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups.

⇒ Delivering a presentation or speech?

⇒ Meeting with a reporter?

⇒ Creating your value message?

⇒ Polishing your communications skills?

⇒ Developing a strategic communications plan?


​Presentation Training

Delivering a speech, presenting to investors, meeting with analysts, making a sales call, presenting to the board, or addressing an internal audience all require unique preparation. We specialize in preparing executives for these important events.

Media Training

Every media encounter profoundly impacts the image of a company and its executives. We ensure you are prepared when dealing with the news media. Just as reporters spend time preparing for an interview, you must hone your messages, anticipate questions and, most importantly, develop “the sound bite.”

Message Development

Critical to your success is having a focused message that is immediately understood by your target audiences, including customers, news media, investors, analysts or employees. We work with your executive team to create that message. No matter how complex your business might be, we make your message accessible to any audience.

Executive  Coaching

Executives need to communicate persuasively and credibly. Whether it’s a newly appointed CEO who needs to establish his or her identity or a seasoned executive who seeks to improve his or her communications skills, we create a customized coaching plan to address all internal and external communications opportunities.

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