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Communicating the right message the right way

Presentation Training

Preparation that Counts

There is great power in personalizing presentations. We teach you how to do that whether you are delivering a speech, presenting to investors, meeting with analysts, making a sales call, presenting to the board, or addressing an internal audience. Our approach ensures you will learn to develop content that connects with your audience. And, importantly, you will learn how to deliver it effectively. We videotape you too!

Speech Writing

We have extensive experience writing speeches for executives. We make certain the speech reflects the personality and authority of the speaker. We develop keynote speeches, internal addresses and other customized material. We have expertise in developing original research and producing speeches worthy of repurposing.


Message Development

Creating Messages that Matter

Critical to the success of any organization is having a focused message that is immediately understood by your audiences, including customers, news media, investors, analysts or employees. We work with your team to create that message in a highly interactive session where we thoroughly explore all aspects of effective “messaging.”

We guide your group through a series of message identification exercises to articulate the best of what your company has to offer in a way that is meaningful and easily understood. Also, we provide your team with the skills it needs to keep your message on target as your business grows and changes.


Strategic Communications

Highly Effective Public Relations Counsel

CKB CONSULTANTS provides expert counsel for a variety of public relations and communications challenges. We specialize in aligning communications objectives with your business plan, helping you effectively position your company and produce outstanding results.


Media Training

Print, Broadcast, National, Local, Social

Every media encounter can profoundly impact the image of a company and its executives. To ensure the best results when dealing with the news media, preparation is critical. Just as reporters spend time preparing for an interview, interviewees must hone their messages, anticipate questions and, most importantly, develop “the sound bite.”

The media training session includes a thorough discussion of the most effective ways to work with print and broadcast journalists. We analyze what your company wants to achieve with the news media and develop the overall approach, message and supporting points. As former financial journalists we incorporate our interviewing expertise, guiding you through various interview scenarios. Each interview is specifically tailored to reflect news media questions and situations you are likely to encounter. Exercises are videotaped and critiqued, allowing you to learn rapidly and to build confidence.


Executive Communications Coaching

Advancing Your Skill Set

Executives need the ability to communicate persuasively and credibly. Whether it’s a newly appointed CEO who needs to establish his or her identity, or a seasoned executive who seeks to improve his or her communications skills, we create a customized coaching plan to address all internal and external communications needs.

We coach you to maximize your effectiveness when working formally or informally with peers, subordinates, boards of directors, investors, etc. You communicate person-to-person and person-to-group. There is a difference in how to do that best. We will show you how. Follow-up strategies for continuous improvement are tailored too your needs.


Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

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